Dan Thurmon

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About Me

Dan is known for delivering powerful, customized opening and closing keynotes in jaw-dropping style. He does handstands on podiums while discussing balance. He juggles sharp objects to teach principles of performance under pressure. He weaves through the audience on a six-foot unicycle to visually amplify principles for navigating change. You get the idea. Dan uses every bit of his passion and ability to educate and inspire his audiences. The results and experiences are unlike anything any other speaker can offer.

Website: www.DanThurmon.com

“off Balance on Purpose” – Opening Keynote

September 17  |  6:00pm – 7:30pm

How do you succeed in today’s challenging, changing business climate? How do you sustain the commitment to grow personally and professionally?

Transitions of all kinds can be demanding and difficult. But these moments are also gigantic opportunities to redesign your approach to life and business. As we expand our global reach, this session will give you the encouragement and tools to take action!

In this energizing and “must see” session, Dan Thurmon, author of Off Balance On Purpose, will show you how to take charge of your circumstances, stretch your abilities, and create your blueprint for professional success! Afterward, you will be equipped to:

  • Own Your Reality
  • Seek Your Purpose
  • Lean Forward
  • Leverage Your Resources
  • Follow Through

In signature fashion, Thurmon punctuates his message with dynamic demonstrations, incorporating acrobatics, breathtaking stunts, and audience interaction to create a one-of-a-kind experience your audience will never forget.